Moulding and Casting



Examples of moulding and casting experience. I have used a wide range of moulding and casting materials including silicone, latex, casting resins, fiberglass resin, fiberglass mat, gelcoat, alginate and plaster. As well as the knowledge of moulding and casting techniques, I am continuously learning.

From left to right; latex helmet mould with plaster jacket, Casting in EasyFlo 60, Final casting alongside clay sculpt, Preparing the mould, rifle parts silicone moulding, fiberglass life cast making process, 2 fiberglass heads, fiberglass mask, silicone mould with EasyFlo 60 cast, Maltese falcon moulding process, silicone helmet mould, fiberglass wolf head, Judge Dredd Badge cast in resin from plaster mould, moulding in silicone with EasyFlo 60 cast

Painting and effects

Photos Copyright of Kieran McGill

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