Audrey 2.0 Project, Little Shop of Horrors, 2020

Painting and effects


This Piece was a commissioned for Scenery Hire Scotland Ltd

After 7 years of use the final stage Audrey Puppet needed remaking and adaptation. The PVC frame was re-covered with new plastazote foam. Lips were made from upholstery foam and covered in canvas for durability. The addition of a new wheeled stand allowing for easier transport, along with the new leaves, shirt and top jaw were all removable.

A new paint finish gave the piece a new lease of life.

As the final piece would be intended for children to operate on stage, a lightweight cantilever system was created to allow the bottom and top jaws more movement with ease.

City of Angels, 2019, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland 

Photos Copyright of Kieran McGill

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